2012 is about to end. January is starting off with a new year. A new year with new beginning and new hopes for all of us. A new year hoping to be successful and hoping there are more blessings that will come in to our life. This is a chance of a lifetime and a chance to start all over again. But for now I just want to go back to all the best and worst moments in my life this 2012. I guess I can share it with you. :)) Let's start recounting. 

Best Moments in 2012   

 A Night to Remember: JS PROM 2012
 2-10-12 . It was our JS Prom. One of the best moments I experienced in my life. This was our first time yet it was really memorable. For me that time, we all look like a real princesses and princes' wearing our lovely and nice gowns and suits. It was also our first time to perform the cotillion and promenade. We have our own first dance and last dance. Js Prom moments will always be treasure and I hope the next prom will not be "bitin"for us. ^^
       SAGA for the WIN.  :'> Meeting De Avance
    Meeting De Avance in our school is yearly. It was 23rd of February when we had our Meeting De Avance. This was actually my 2nd time to join the Meeting De Avance , my last time was when I am in first year and I was running for 2nd representative before. Unfortunately, I didn't win. Joining the, Meeting De Avance was really memorable because this is one of the biggest event in school and I'm happy coz I experienced this and I got a chance to be close with my SAGA family. (Students Alliance for Good Governance and Advocacies) We built a good friendship and survived from our campaign. I will never forget them. They will always be my Saga party who taught me that I can be a good leader and I can be responsible.
  February 14 ( Valentines Day)
 You know him. Yes. Maybe I don't need to introduce him to you. Let's just go to the story of US? It was valentine's day. A very special day for all of us. An Unexpected surprise day for me. She just knelt to the ground and asked me "Will you be my girl"? That's all. I said Yes.  I received chocolates . flowers and a letter from him. ^^ We had a lot of arguments  and misunderstandings. Yea. Our relationship ended. That's Life. We have to let go, accept things and move on. :)) I hope we can be friends after all. :(
P.S : Hoping for your happiness and not for bitterness. K??
 Summer 2012 :)
      One of the coolest summer I ever had. I met new friends. I experienced to act on a stage play again and I'm proud that I had the cahnce to be a part of our INC Cinema.We have rehearsed more than a month. We practiced and practiced and prepared for everything. We had our performance in the theatre of ISBB and our parents were very proud of us after watching our performance. 
   JUNE 2012. THE BEST. 
   "Once a Viper , Always a Viper". :)) What's the best of my 2012? It's the fact that I am a Viper. I belong to a loving and incomparable family and that is my ARV family. I met a family who inspired me a lot and became one of my strengths and inspirations in life. They really made my day complete with every moments we shared  every success we made and every problems we solved. Though challenges and trials came to us , we're always one We're always a family. I am lucky to have you guys. Thankful enough that I have you as my friends and companions. Thanks for all the memories this 2012! :') 
           Sweet Sixteen. ;)
          August 25. It's my day. It's my birthday and I was really happy that day.There were many persons who greeted me even if I don't know them yet. I appreciated their texts ,their post on my fb wall and of course greeting  me personally. But the special thing in my birthday was I celebrated it with my Arv family the whole day because my Birthday was also a big day for us coz it's our Division Science Fair and we're going to compete for our S.I.P . We had a lot of pictures and our 20 pesos for lunch is really "sulit" coz it's KFC! Yummmy! 
          Look at our faces? Happy right? Absolutely Yes because that time was our cantata. Christmas cantata is really unforgettable for us because we got a lot of prizes. We experienced a lot of trials in our practices but still we did a great job. We won the classroom , curricular, and especially in the battle of the champions. I'm very proud of my classmates! We've tried our best just to make the judges smile and proud. :)) Thumbs up! 
Partyyyyyyy! :')
         Videoke all night long! Super Green minded games! Wacky pictures! Delicious and yummy foods! I want more! I want more overnight people! This christmas party was the best party ever in 2012. I never thought we would enjoy it the whole day and the whole night. We had a lot of fun even if we're busy doing our rp assignments then. We had our sweetest smiles every time the camera is in front of us. Thanks for our Mommy? Haha. Sir Ayie for letting us visit his farm house and thanks also to Father Ella who went there and joined us in our party. I will never forget this day.               12-20-12   .12-21-12 . Lez do this one more time guys! 
Take time to Realize. =)
        How should I start with this? Hmm. 
  I have to tell you something. I have to admit it. I can't keep this for a long time. It's just that a guy from my past will always be a guy of my present. He will always be a "hero" for me. He will always be Chubby , Funny and Friendly. He is still COHB who carried my heavy and big bag when I was in Grade four. He was a part of my 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 , 2012.    " Dear you, would you mind to be a part of my forever?" Oops! >.< Hahaa. ( Bat nssbi ko to?!) Maybe I have realized something , I still like him.  I still . :))
      We're crazy and I know it. XD =>

   I have my best moments but I also have my worst. 
“The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.” 
― Jean-Paul Sartre

     Hi Alexis! Peace be with you. :))
    We were all busy when I cried. We were doing our S.I.P when one of my groupmates and I had an argument. We didn't understand each other side. All I want is our SIP to work out. All I did that day is cry because he is my classmate and I don't want to get mad of me. But we survived , we did our S.I.P properly even if the results were not that successful and one more thing ,Alexis and I are close again.

   Wow. This day was a tragic. :) I got wounds. I was hurt and not only me but also some of my classmates. We thought planting mangrove is fun  but it made consequences, we all got tired and got blood. :/ Thankful enough coz my classmates were there to help us and at this moment our bonding became tighter and we survived this project. Woo. Until now we have our scars. It is a remembrance saying that planting bakawan is not easy. XD
       It's a LESSON. We should prepared for that. 
    Math Jingle Elimination. It was October when we had this elimination and the reason why I include this as my worst moment of 2012 is not becausw we lost and it is because we didn't prepare for this at all. We have practiced the whole song and steps hours before the elimination . Expectation hurts , we knew it , we accepted the fact that this jingle is not for us anymore unlike last year. We're just happy to know that even though our performance was so epic, people still cheer us. :>
     I really don't know how this started but I'm happy to know , this issue is now forgotten and everything is alright now. I don't have any idea on this issue until I opened my fb account and saw different posts from different persons that's why I knew that there is something happening between us , the Esep Seniors. One time we had our open forum , everyone thought that this could be a way for us to have peace again. We didn't expect that this open forum made the issue bigger. >.< Let's just forgive and forget! :)) Loveyah Esep Seniors!
     Oops! We're Disqualified! :))
    It could be a great day for us until everything was ruined? XD. By that time , we're all excited to perform , we're all happyto know that we already  belong to Category C unlike before we're in Category D. At the same time, we're all nervous,we're not choirlike them , we're just a simple performers who want to make the audience smile in our performance. We've tried our best but still we're disqualified. We're more than 30. :/  And the winner is still TALIPAN! Those MANTLE people! :> How are you guys? Haha. >.< I heard some of them saying that we looked like Sailor moon! 'Atleast Sailor moon is cute ! Ask yourself if mantle looks good! Thaankyou!



    These  moments are really hard to forget. These memories will always be cherish and treasured. Best moments made us smile ,Worst moments made us strong. Both moments taught us lessons in life. 2012 is really a year to remember! I just hope that 2013 will be good to each of us. 2012 will always be remembered especially to those person who really made this year special. I'm running out of words to describe how happy I am this year. :))
Words aren't enough to thank all the person who became part of my 2012. Goodluck to everyone of us! Godbless! :*
   After every chapter in my life I look aback and see how much I have grown in love , friendship and happiness.  Again, Thank you! 
       Everyone has to deal with competition in one way or another. Finding a right partner, passing  entrance examinations in college, earning college scholarships, participating in contests: all of these involve competition and we have to accept the fact that all of us have the possibility to win or to lose.  There is no escape with these possibilities , we just have to embrace them and understand them. My point in doing this blog is to admit that "Losing is a part of our life" .  I have to move on with this issue and just accept what has been decided.
    It happened last time. December 6 , 2012. ;)
 That day was the Division Cantata 2012 and we are all excited to go back to Talipan National High School in Pagbilao where last division cantata was held there too. Good thing about us, (ARV)  is we already belong in Category C and we are with IV-CCR (401) and they will compete in Category B. I'm happy because all of us , Arv will going to perform on the stage unlike before that some of us including me we're just watching and yelling our classmates just because the mechanics said that the participants will only be 25. We all woke up early and ready ourselves with our costumes. I'm happy to see our Mapeh teacher , Mrs. Pereha that is so caring and supportive that she was the one to look for what we're going to ride and she was the one to pay our fair. Of course , I also want to mention our loving Adviser, Sir Ayie because he decided to go with us just to cheer us and watch our performance and thank all the mapeh teachers that supported us. We were also wearing our varsity jacket coz we don't like to reveal our costumes yet. When we arrived, we saw different colorful costumes from different schools. They we're prepared and ready to compete. The girls have their make ups unlike us. :) They are wearing hats , neckties and other stuff. We stayed in our so "masikip" room. Arv and Ccr are just in only one room and we're more than 60 students so it was really hot inside the room. We got bored because we're about to perform in the afternoon and there we're a lot of participants. We enjoyed the first part of the program and we supported Ccr. Their performance was still great even though they're not choir like their "kalaban". We have our free lunch and that is "adobong langis" . Let's move on.
Beforewe performed , Mrs. Alcantara said that "Mga anak pag ba binawasan kayo malaking kawalan?" We were actually shocked to what Ma'am said and asked her Whyyyy? Because you're more than 30, if you perform more than 30 then you are disqualified. :( Whow that was a damn announcement. We thought everything was right, we still performed and smile even though the audience were already critizing us. "Bat an dami nila? We don't want to make ourself down , we tried our best. We performed with smiles on our faces and after our performance, some our clappin their hands but some have different looks on their faces. Ohh! They're insecures! >.< The said we looked like sailor moon in our costumes! Reallly? We're cute right! We're unique! We want to tell everybody there that we're not choir, we're just a simple 4th year student who wanted to perform and bring an honor to our beloved school. :/
       The most awaited part the awarding? Ohh. :( We already knew it. We're Disqualified! Can we just say that we are Overqualified because we we're too many and the participants are over.? If only we can admit it to ourselves, if only we knew it right from the start. Yaaah. "AMPALAYER, AMPALAYER." Bitter to judges, audience , everyone their in talipan especially the winners. Not because they win, it's because they were really proud of themselves not thinking that they were wearing a mantle ! :) That was the reason why we're bitter in mantle! We never expect that! We're not bitter just because we lost, it's because it's not fair. We didn't know that the mechanics were there. But one thing about is we we're glad because we were able to performed and we tried our best just to make them proud of us. 

       A bitter sorrow. A bitter chill A. bitter hatred and a bitter lesson. The difference between the Loser and the Winner in each such Game is that the Loser accepts that the proper ending to the Game, like a crescendo in music, is for oneself to lose. The Loser expects this all the time, and is indeed very surprised should he/she win. :/