I don't remember when this friendship started but one thing I'm sure is this friendship will never have an ending. To Infinity and Beyond! Here we go!
Meet my super FRIENDS! 1-2-3-4-5-6-7! You might call us crazy , weird , stupid and dumb but we are really enjoying the friendship we have right now .  And now this blog is dedicated to them and I want to share it to everyone.Let's start counting ! :))
 ONE : Angelica "ANJ" Delacruz Pantoja ( The Crying Baby)
 I can see her smile again. Im proud of her! She was strong enough for all of this. She obeyed our advice although it was hard for her. I love youuuuu Anj! We will always be here for you. :* Remember this "HA? BAKIT? BAKIT ANO YUN" . ? The way you dance this was LOL! I'll miss your waley jokes just like mine and the way you "irit"is so different! Unique! Hahaha. Thankyou for being You as my friend. :)
  She's friendly.She's jolly but she is a crying babyy! Truuuee! :) . A warm of applause to number ONE. I am close to her since we were in 1st year. She was friendly enough that everyone can be her friend.  She was nice and thoughtful and I treat her as my daughter  and I am her mom.  Haha.:D. Anj is so good to be true. We spent a lot of memorable moments together and I've learned a lot from her. Wait. Maybe you're asking why I call her "crying baby" right? I will tell you something about that. She is afraid of dogs, ghosts but most of all heartache. She was hurt once by someone he treated special and after that, she changed. Whenever I see her in pain, I want to talk to her. If only I can replace that sadness , I would. I missed her sweet smiles, her jokes and the way she laugh. But now  she's back! 
 TWO : Princess "Mother" Mariz Ella (Pinkahollliiic Girl)
But suddenly we believe that her decision was changed especially when he met that person. Let's name him . "RYAN". Yieee. ;). We noticed that there's a lot  of changes  when Ryan and her became close. Mother starts to bloom. Haha. It's obvious naman na she's inspired and we're happy for her. Ryan is so caring and thoughful. We like Ryan for our friend. He treated Mother as her own princess. (Swweeeet) ! We just hope that they're puppy love story will someday became Dog?Joke! It's a perfect puppy love story at all! I love you Mother! :*We won't let Ryan or even other person to hurt you. We will always be there for you. <3 
 She's gorgeous.  She's pretty. She's kind (Not sure. Joke.?!) But the simple way to describe her , she loves PINK. Seriously! I never thought that she will be one of my closest friends. At first , I thought she was so quiet and so serious in life. But then I was wrong. She's in! She's also friendly.  Did you know that when we were in 1st ,2nd  &3rd year,  her stuff was almost pink! O'cmon! She's so girly! :> Let's move on to her character traits. She's mataray in some other way but she's also kind the other way around. ! She is so serious when it comes to grades! She's afraid of failing. I remember that everytime she got low scores inour quizzes, assignments, etc, she will cry ! She loves high grades so much. Oops! One thing I want to share about my friend Princess is she want to be a nun someday. My classmates always ask her if she's serious and she always answer us "Yes". 
 THREE : Julie "JAM" Ann Manuba (The Hyper)
 She has a perfect love story right now with her partner Kuya Darn! The both of them really care for each other. They made mistakes but the end of the day ,they will be still together. They're one of the couples or love teams that I idolized right now. Everything seems to be perfect! We want Kuya Darn for her. They're both kind. They really attract! How I wish that their story would last. I do love Ate Jam! :') She's crazyy but I really enjoy her company. Im happy because I am one of her friends and she knew I am also crazyyyyy. LOL
She's one of a kind! She's cool. She's one of my dearest "Ate" in school. She's our good and attractive boss! :) Meet number THREE. She's absolutely crazzzyyy! Haha. We were classmates since elementary. I know Ate Julie a lot compare to my other classmates right now. She's been a friend of mine ever since! Ate Jam is someone you can lean on when you have problems. She's always ready to help! (Naks.!) She is responsible for every task. She makes sure everything is fine and good. She's not serious! C'mon! She's one of the crazzzziiieest person I met! She's hyper! She always  give her best to something. Some people say "Ate Jam is mataray". Definitely NOT! Don't make her mad or else.!! WorldWar3! Just kidding! My ate Jam is as sweet as STRAWBERRY JAM" especially to her someone special. 
 FOUR : Shaina "Shaii" Mae Diwata ( My manager)
She's noisssy! (Haha!) But one thing I noticed about her is she is afraid of performing or speaking in public or in front of many people. The first time I heard her sing was the talent performance in Values when we we're in third year. My manager knows how to sing but according to her , she's SHY? Or SHAII?  (Lol :> ) I can't rememeber any dull moments we spent with her. And now I want to dedicate this lyrics of the song to her :
  'Cause it's you and me
And all of the people people with NATH- ing to do. NATH- ing to prove. :P

  - - I know you're inspired right now because of someone! Happy for you manager! Lovelots! :*

    If you don't know her , maybe you'll think she's too quiet. If you're not close to her maybe you'll think she's 
"mahinhin". Ooops! I'll prove you wrong. My manager is different! She's great! She's funny , noisy and friendly ! Hi Four! =)
    She became my classmate when I was in Grade 2 in SPS ( St. Philomena School), we're both transferees at that time so we are not that close yet. My impression to her that time was she is kind and cheerful. After a year , we separated ways because both of us transferred in other school. I didn't expect that we will become classmates again when we entered highschool. I was happy because I'll be able to know her more. I was right in my fist impression to her. She's really kind and cheerful. She's funny in many ways. She has a lot of jokes and words that make us laugh even if it's nonsense. I don't remember how we became close but Im happy coz we are already close and she's now one of my closest friends. 
  FIVE : Vivien "Vevz" Joy Berania             (The Gifted One)
 She's crazzzzzzyyy! ;) I rememeber her former name in Fb -> Vivien Baliw! She's not formally crazy! She is just a jolly person who laughs out loud and who is full of energy all the time! I always enjoy her company. Seriously! She's so caring and lovable! One more thing is we called her bunso. She's the youngest among the 1234567. :) That's why we are always ready to help her to her problems and protect her from any harm. We believe that she will make her goal this year ! ;) We trust in you Vevz! We love you so much! Swear. <3 :* 
 She's amazing! She's brilliant! Hello number Five!
First impression last? I don't believe that. Let me tell you this. First day of school when we were in 1st year, I thought a girl is so "maarte" and "masungit". She was wearing a sleeveless and a mini skirt  . I don't know her yet so I don't have to judge. But then I was wrong. What I'm thinking before was a mistake! Vevs is so kind , she's sweet and caring. Everyone can be proud of when he/she became a friend of Vivien! She's so smart, an intelligent one! She was so gifted for her knowledge. We we're very proud of her because even if she didn't review a lesson, she can still answer questions. She's so gallliiiing especially to science! She understand things very well. She's talented.  It's funny coz Vevz is not that kind of person who is serious in life.
 Can I tell you something??
    SIX : Pauline "Paui" Grace Casquejo
          ( Undefined??) XD
    I love myself. I just want everyone to accept me for who I am. :)) I'll try to be good all the time. :> Crossed fingers! Well, I'm running out of words. I love my friends so much!  I don't have a perfect love story right now and my heart always end up to be broken and good thing about is  my friends are always there for me. I'll spend the last 4 months with them with full of laughter and happiness! I love you guys! :*
"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'"
- :)

  I don't know how to start with this coz I don't like to describe myself. Haha. Well, I'll describe myself according to their opinions. They said I'm cheerful , friendly , easy-go lucky, insane but kind! :> I'm kinda bitchy sometimes especially to those bitches too. I'm patient and not short tempered. I'm thoughtful and caring too especially to my family, classmates and friends! I can say that everyone can trust me. Im a good friend! :) I'm also a good enemy if you want!I'm a girl who loves to smile even there's pain but I'm not good in pretending. People easily know when I'm  unhappy and mad. I hate expectations at the same time coz it hurt me a lot. Just like what my grandparents expectation, they want me to be on top 15  in graduation , they're expecting me to pass all the scholarship exams that they want for me. ;( I feel stressed! Hmm , nevermind! Let's go back.
 SEVEN : Euan Rae "Euanae" Noelle Jimenez      ( The talented one  )
 You'll enjoy her company. She's funny. She always want to hear a story if she's bored. "Oyy. Magkwento ka nga." -- A line from her . XD
  She loves us! And we love her more! :)) We'll always support her for something that makes her happy. 

 Hi Euanae! Good EVENING! In tagalog "Magandang Gabbbyy"? :> lovelots!

 She's one of the greatest singer I heard! She's one of the coolest person I've met! She rocks! Let me introduce to you, number SEVEN. :)
Since 1st year, I already want to be a friend of her. She looks kind and awesome. She's good in english and most of all, she's talented! She is good in dancing especially when it comes to singing! She's so good! She looks like Haley of Paramore. She's simply amazing! She sings sweetly and everybody gets amazed when she is singing. By the way, Euanae is my idol! :) 
She's frank. If she don't like someone or something, she'll admit it. She gets irritated when someone touches her hair. If she's not close to you , you'll think she's "mataray" because of her "killer stare". Haha. She's kind! Super! She's understanding.
  Memories! Moments! 
     "The best ship in this world? :) It's FRIENDship.
  For me we must make every moment perfect and happy. We must show how friends are important to us. Just like the colors of the Rainbow, we will never change. We'll LIVE. We'll LOVE. We'll LAUGH.