This is my first and last fieldtrip in highschool. And I can say that this field trip worth it. !  .  I think this is quite an unbeatable once-in-a-lifetime experience.!  We have a lot of experiences that we will never forget.!  Our bonding and laughter seems so incomparable! 

      September 29 , 2012. Krrrriiiiing ! My phone was vibrating. Im so sleepy that time that's why I didn't notice that it was my alarm. "Ohh! Hell. Fieldtrip nga pla ngayon. I forgot! Haha. Phew!" I was very stupid that time or maybe I was not excited at all. When  I arrived in school ,I am assigned to ride on a van with Ma'm Lagman, Ecca , Jazz and Cheber. Suddenly I saw someone familiar. I stared at him. "Oh. It was Kuya. Kuya Chanot". The tour guide that is really admire by many because of his charm. xD. At that time, my excitement started. So here we go! We went to different places and had different experiences.

   I can't believe that I was able to go to one of the most historical places in our country. That day was actually my first time and I met my expectations in that place especially when I saw the "kalesa" (Haha) and Rizal's room when he was executed. The things before was still there and preserved. I am really amazed. ^^ Take a look at these pictures!
      GSIS was big ! :') That was also the first time I went there. I was so confused on what are inside the museum then suddenly I heard that there were the paintings of our national artist and great painters of our country. When we entered the museum, I am so inspired with what I saw. The paintings were really nice. As a Filipino , we can be proud on our painters masterpieces. :) I enjoyed a lot! 
 HEY! Mall of ASIA ! Here we go!
      After going to Fort Santiago and GSIS museum, here we go MOA ! We had our lunch in Mang Inasal! Hmmm! I am really satisfied with the unlimited rice stuff! Hahaha. BURP! :) Tummy full!
Then , we walked and made some window shopping! The best part was when we buy food in Krispy Kreme! Actually it was our dessert. Yummy! That was my second time to taste their sooooo delicious doughnuts with chocolates on top! 
National Museum ! Waa. Seriously. Kinda boring. 
   It's the National Museum. It is famous and fantastic! It's really nice and surprising! But I admit ,I got bored! >.< Even though the stuff there were really amazing , aaaaa. I got bored . Maybe because I am already tired. In spite of that suffocating boredom, I still appreciate the things that I saw because it explains some historical background of our beloved country , the Philippines. 
                       Kuya Chanot again! ;) Haaayyyyiee.

    We really enjoyed our stay there. The fun was so incomparable! It's our experiences who brought us the happiness and joy.  Although standing in line took away our patience still the rides worth it! I can still remeber our fun in Anchor's Away , Gabi ng Dilim and Surf Dance! Hoooo! They really made my day complete.  The best ride ever : STAR FRISBEE! 
"You spin my head right round right round if you godown down down" . I felt a little bit dizzy afterwards but I realized that the experience of riding it is really unforgettable especially when my companions were my friends. ^^
 Oops! One more thing is I'm glad to met those person who are really fun to be with. Thanks to Kuya Jay-R , Kuya Gio ,Kuya Daryl and Kuya Chanot! The BigDream E tours made it! We really enjoyed our trip. ! It was really cool! Lez Rock! :D


    I just have to accept the fact that we're living in a universe of possibility. We might encounter the things we don't expect to happen. What if I am already destined to die? Not that I am expecting sudden death, but I'm curious. What would you say? Would it be good or bad? How would I be remembered? Would I be remembered well or half forgotten? To me death is final. Whether life was fulfilling or not, the end of life is the final chapter. 

if i died today? 

 Full of questions. Random thoughts. >.<
 If I died today , would it just be an aftershock?
Would they easily forget me?
Would somebody miss me? :(
Would everbody care?
Would anybody say "Atleast she's in a better place now"?
Who would miss me? Who will cry over me?
If I died today, how would I feel about my life?
     When I was a child, I often say "Dying could never happen to me, I'm too young to die but how young is "too young to die?" :( We can never predict what will happen next. I don't have the superpowers to see the prophecy. I don't even know how many days or years I will live here on earth. Maybe because an accident, such as by plane, jeepney or other could claim my life, an unusual illness or a vital organ could fail. I have no idea. 
What would I say if my life were to end today? If I was about to say goodbye for the people I love?
Im not yet ready for my last speech , for my last hug and kiss. I can't leave them. 
Are there things I can do better? Are there people I can love better  If only I know the answer. Hmm.  Life is fragile. :/ Too ironic. 

 living is a privilage

  This is your life. Do what you love. If you don't like something , change it. If you don't like what you're doing, quit. If you're looking for the love of your life , stop. They will be waiting for you when you start doing the things you love. STOP OVER ANALYZING. All your emotions are beautiful. Life is simple. Some oppurtunities only come once , seize them. Seize the day . make it memorable! :) Life is too short. 

  Life has a funny way of making you want to live more, love more and simply be more. Don’t waste a minute of life. Make every second count.”