UPCAT- University of the Philippines College Admission Test.
   It’s actually 11:45 pm.: right now and I’m actually bored and doing nothing . Anyway I was thinking of sharing my UPCAT experience with you guys,  it was actually crazy and funny at the same time. It might have some grammatical errors and spelling mistakes well remember it’s 11:45 p.m. and I’m about to sleep but I decided not to.   :))))  

  I  took the most excruciating exam that I ever had. (EvilLaugh!) I woke up at exactly 4:55 in the morning on that day and I played tetris on our computer to get rid of my nervousness which isn't effective by the way.  xD I decided to send messages to my friends and classmates who are also going to take the exam in the same day and asked them if they were already up and ready. It seems during that day my nervousness syndrome came over me. There were random thoughts in my mind. I have felt mixed emotions ; nervousness , excitement , etc. I walked around the house talking to myself, trying to calm down. My mom was awake that time. She wascheering me up with comforting words such as “I know you can do it” and “Answer what you know and pray.”  
    My classmates and I arrived 6:15 am at the Abadilla Hall in MSEUF where exam will be held. 
The volunteers started arranging us into line and I can help not to tap my foot it was a habit that I develop to lessen my fear but it wasn't helping.  The proctors didn’t allow friends and students from the same school to sit next to each other but we were lucky coz the proctor didn't notice me and my classmate (Leoniedeth) were still right next to each other. :D. Then , I saw someone special. He was also going to take the exam that day. I do believe :" Expect the Unexpected. "The nervousness was suddenly fading away. (Segway lang. :> ) Moving on , after the 15 minutes grace period, the examiner started reading the directions. Who knew that shading a paper can be a very hard work? We started by writing our name in the answers sheet and you have to shade the letters that corresponds to the letters of your name, including the commas that you used to separate your name.  

    Now a summary of the test:
> Language - I have to say, this was actually easy. Not really easy, but easy. It wasn’t as hard as the tests the CEER  gave us. I actually just sailed through that subtest and reviewed my answers and kept re-reading the questions that were a bit tricky and confusing. The only part that I had trouble in was the part where you had to arrange the sentences. I am not even good in logic. >Science - OMG! It was hard. Brainfreeze! >.< It was really tough since it focuses in General Science and Biology. There are only a couple of questions from Physics and Chemistry. 
>Math -  It's a disaster while I'm trying to answer it since I forgot to how to do these and how to do that, and I'm muttering about the   mathematical formulas that are roasting in hell for the hardships they had cause for the students like me. 
>Reading Comprehension - It was boring but pretty easy. :)   I enjoyed it since some of the paragraphs catch my interest. 
    It's funny how I actually left the building with a smile on my face :)) even knowing that i didn't do so well. I felt is if it has changed the way i see things.  Enlightened? Maybe not. It was probably the experience that overwhelmed me. It was great.
I loved it even with those difficult math and science questions, nosebleed filipino words and questions and those long stories.

   That was my upcat experience.! :>

I recommend you to take this test because it would be an unforgetable experience.Be prepared for anything. Don't be afraid to step up and show what you've got ;) 

The end. -Paui.<3