I just have to accept the fact that we're living in a universe of possibility. We might encounter the things we don't expect to happen. What if I am already destined to die? Not that I am expecting sudden death, but I'm curious. What would you say? Would it be good or bad? How would I be remembered? Would I be remembered well or half forgotten? To me death is final. Whether life was fulfilling or not, the end of life is the final chapter. 

if i died today? 

 Full of questions. Random thoughts. >.<
 If I died today , would it just be an aftershock?
Would they easily forget me?
Would somebody miss me? :(
Would everbody care?
Would anybody say "Atleast she's in a better place now"?
Who would miss me? Who will cry over me?
If I died today, how would I feel about my life?
     When I was a child, I often say "Dying could never happen to me, I'm too young to die but how young is "too young to die?" :( We can never predict what will happen next. I don't have the superpowers to see the prophecy. I don't even know how many days or years I will live here on earth. Maybe because an accident, such as by plane, jeepney or other could claim my life, an unusual illness or a vital organ could fail. I have no idea. 
What would I say if my life were to end today? If I was about to say goodbye for the people I love?
Im not yet ready for my last speech , for my last hug and kiss. I can't leave them. 
Are there things I can do better? Are there people I can love better  If only I know the answer. Hmm.  Life is fragile. :/ Too ironic. 

 living is a privilage

  This is your life. Do what you love. If you don't like something , change it. If you don't like what you're doing, quit. If you're looking for the love of your life , stop. They will be waiting for you when you start doing the things you love. STOP OVER ANALYZING. All your emotions are beautiful. Life is simple. Some oppurtunities only come once , seize them. Seize the day . make it memorable! :) Life is too short. 

  Life has a funny way of making you want to live more, love more and simply be more. Don’t waste a minute of life. Make every second count.” 

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