Is love a fairytale world of happily ever afters?

     Love. Love. Love. What is love ? A question that has bothered human for years or centuries and has yet to be truly define. Although we do not know how to define love , some of us already know what's the feeling of being in love. Remember Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty? These stories have shown us the nature of love but it seems that love has always been depicted as somewhat of a fairytale, with prince charming sweeping the princess on to his white horse where the two will live happily ever after.  Fairytales lead us into a world of beauty, where love conquers all.   

     Let's enter to the stories of REALITY .

       Love is so much more. It's not a fairytale world of happily ever after.  Love takes hard work, patience, and understanding. Love is the sweet and the bitter.  It's not all daffodils and roses; love can be painful and sad.  It's something you have to work at, and not everyone has the strength it takes to make it work and that is the reality of love. Love is the one thing that we as people all have the capacity to feel and an emotion that we long for and dream of . :)))     

    Myself being inlove

    Fallin ? :) That's my name. Fallin in love?  That's the question. Do I really fell in love or is it just an infatuation? I don’t force myself to fall, I just fall. A girl who doesn't look for high standards and a perfect one but easily fall in love with someone who really gives his effort and time. I just wanna be with someone who will change my tears into smiles. I need someone who will never give up on me and will never get tired loving me. I also want someone who is willing to lower his pride for me. I can't help who I  fall in love with, all I hope for is that my feelings get returned. Falling in love for me is easy , falling out of it  is the hardest; meaning to recover from that love once lost is emotionally taxing. For now , I still remember the time when someone knelt to the ground and asked me if I can be his girl in front of his classmates and it happened on Valentine's Day. Trials came along in our way , I want to fix it before everything goes wrong but  I don't know what TO DO  NEXT.  I have no IDEA.! :(


Someday I'll have my own PERFECT LOVE STORY. 
Someday I'll find my prince charming.
Someday I'll be love.
Someday everbody will see me smiling again.
Someday hatred will turn into love
Someday I'll have my happy ending.
Someday I'll find my destiny. 

Someday I will be strong enough to lift not one but both of US.
Someday we'll know why I was meant for you.  

                             This ! 

-The end-
Paui. :>
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7/29/2012 09:23:11 pm

kyaa~! Love, love, love!
I also wish those kind of guys still exist... >.<

7/29/2012 09:24:26 pm

For anything worth having one must pay the price; and the price is always work, patience, love, self-sacrifice - no paper currency, no promises to pay, but the gold of real service.
- John Burroughs quotes

Ayyyyt manager. ")

7/29/2012 09:25:42 pm

Good things come to those who wait. :)

7/29/2012 09:38:58 pm

true love is everywhere.. isn't a fairy tale
sooo like this blog :)

7/29/2012 10:17:48 pm

It takes not only the efforts Paui. Listen to your heart... not with those who are around you. (Don't listen to me) HAHA. Joke. I like your blog :)

7/31/2012 05:33:10 pm


smiLe :)
8/5/2012 06:02:10 pm



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